REMEMBER TO DREAM embracing the inner child in all of us

Snow Days are a magical time when the world's expectations and burdens suddenly come to a halt. The pace of life slows down, the responsibilities of a habitual day change; nature speaks up and says, "Hey! Don't forget who's in charge." While we can’t control Mother Nature, we can orchestrate a festival built around the attitudes and merriment of a Snow Day.

After a series of hilarious phone calls, we’ve finally figured out how to transport 162,000 lbs. of snow from the mountain passes into Seattle Center. Local organizations will use the snow to build forts and castles in an epic competition against snow kings and queens. Minutes after the most majestic snow fort is crowned, six thousand people will descend upon the snow fort village in an attempt to break the record for the World’s Largest Snowball Fight (officially held by the Republic of Korea at 5,387 participants). Snow day is about much more than just breaking a world record. It’s an opportunity for the community to express our Northwest pride while embracing the inner child in all of us.

January 12th - 100% chance of snow.



$50,000+ RAISED for the boys and girls clubs of king county
5,834 SNOWBALL fighters (new world record)
112 VOLUNTEERS and organizers
90 SECONDS to break the world record
81 TONS of snow harvested from the cascade mountains
36 SPONSORS building forts, castles, or just being awesome
11 BARS were crawled to and from by thirsty warriors
1 RECORD in a snowless city


There were people dressed in full on ski suits and some were even equipped with helmet cams - it was THAT insane. I, myself, went dressed to withstand the cold... - WEAREJUXT

I told the team when I got there, 'this is nutty and it makes me feel like I'm 12 years old...' I didn’t know if I wanted to take photos or get into the snowball fights. I opted for both... - BP

Only in Seattle can you schedule a perfect winter's day with brilliant sunshine, trucked-in snow, and make it the best day ever, with friends. - Barbro

RAISING MONEY FOR KIDS remembering what it's like to be one

We are a team that thoroughly enjoys getting our fundraiser on. This year, we are donating all event proceeds to the Boys and Girls Clubs of King County. We do it because we love bringing joy into people's lives through amazing activities.

Snow Day 2013 Team

Neil Bergquist - Team Lead

Favorite Movie: Elf
Holiday Pastime: The unexplainable excitement I get when the rain turns to snow
Holiday Mystery: Why is it so easy to wake up early on snow days?
Professional Passion: Director at SURF Incubator

Sam Chasan - Creative and Design

Favorite Movie: Scrooged
Holiday Pastime: Giant mugs of coffee next to the fire
Holiday Mystery: The Yeti. He's definitely out there...somewhere.
Professional Passion: Owner/Operator GrowthMind Goods

Justine Date - Marketing

Favorite Movie: The Holiday
Holiday Pastime: Lay under the Christmas tree by the fire, hopefully with Christmas tunes in the background
Holiday Mystery: How can the Grinch hate Christmas? And why doesn’t he wear pants?
Professional Passion: Floor Leader at Lululemon

Melissa Fry - Social Media

Favorite Movie: Home Alone
Holiday Pastime: Unwrapping and rewrapping presents before my parents got home. It was quite the sport.
Holiday Mystery: How Santa knew everything. Always.
Professional Passion: Social Media Ninja at Got Sync Music

Brady Ryan - Community Engagement

Favorite Movie: Trading Places
Holiday Pastime: Building snow forts, having snowball fights, pub crawls, and raising money for kids
Holiday Mystery: The entire "Where’s Waldo Holiday Edition." He’s a tricky little guy.
Professional Passion: Commercialization Associate with the Washington Biotechnology and Biomedical Association

Evan Lehner - Pub Crawl

Favorite Movie: Die Hard
Holiday Pastime: Drinking Egg Nog
Holiday Mystery: Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. We’re both in the export business.
Professional Passion: Bringing joy to thousands and working on political campaigns.

Ryan Bourke - Snow Harvester

Favorite Movie: National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
Holiday Pastime: Skiing
Holiday Mystery: How does such a large man get down such small chimneys? What about heat furnaces?
Professional Passion: Sales Associate for the Everett Silvertips Hockey Club

Supporters of Snow Day 2013

We thank each of these great organizations for being on our level.

Production partners. These companies helped make SNOW DAY happen!


A big thank you to our community supporters of the Boys and Girls Clubs of King County. They don't just donate, they roll up their sleeves and build!
The Royalty
REAL ESTATE: 20 ft. x 20 ft. parcel of pristine powder
ADDITIONAL SNOW: Twenty cubic yards
PROVIDED DECOR: Flag with organization's logo
The Warriors
REAL ESTATE: 15 ft. x 15 ft. parcel of pristine powder
ADDITIONAL SNOW: Ten cubic yards
PROVIDED DECOR: Flag with organization's logo
The Fighters
WHO: Any organization, business, or person
WHAT: A Cash Donation
BENEFITS: Linked name on the website, good feelings

Do you want a Snow Day? Email us here.